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Whether redesigning an existing site, creating a new website or building an application, there’s a lot to consider and, frankly, it involves a lot of technology. Evolving technology aside, a solid website project boils down to many of the same issues that you’re used to dealing with: audience, features & benefits, and marketing goals.

Our web strategy and planning service includes:

Site architecture is the map of your website. No matter what you call it—content planning, information architecture, site map—the site architecture is literally the backbone of a good website. At this stage you are not thinking about design or copy. Instead, you are carefully considering your goals for the website and what type of content you’ll need to meet those goals. There is software out there to help you create a site map, but little technology is needed for this stage. In fact, a lot of people like to use index cards or large flow charts for brainstorming.

Wireframes are a sketch of your web page. A wireframe allows you to take the carefully considered site architecture and put it into the basic framework of a website. It helps you start to consider the flow for your user and assign appropriate prominence to content. A well-designed wireframe will become the guide for the design and content phases to follow. Taking the time to create wireframes will save you time in the development process.

Style tiles help clients get a feel for design elements before full compositions are created. This step helps streamline the website design process. Style tiles can be used when a wireframe might not be detailed enough, but a full design mock-up would be too much. The purpose of style tiles is not to represent the final version of a website, but to set its overall look and feel.

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