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Sefient’s digital marketing services are designed to extend the reach of marketing, sales, and distribution programs for digital goods into new markets or to targeted online communities, for a one-time effort or for strategic long-term campaigns. They enable software publishers, re-sellers, public and private educational institutions to get software and other goods into the hands of qualified individuals, including students, faculty, and staff, faster and more cost-effectively than traditional distribution processes and competitive offerings. And they are optimized to reduce marketing, sales and distribution costs for all digital goods.

Sefient has built a team of over 50 online marketing professionals to help you Rule The Web. We take a custom approach with each client to create a detailed strategy with the appropriate services that will deliver results for any Internet marketing campaign.

We helps you build your social community, connect with your clients and increase your Business. Marketing still remains one of the most promising means to reach out to your audience in the cheapest.

The Sefient creative team works tirelessly for you the client, so you can focus on delivering great service and products to your customers. Illuminate the creative look and feel of your brands digital marketing with the experienced team at Sefient.

We hired Sefient Technology to organise our business online, simplify our process, create an amazing brand that communicated to our demographic clearly, and increase our sales. We highly recommend the entire team! Working remotely was smooth and reliable.

CEO, Turan Akturan

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